Through the use of well maintained, state-of-the-art equipment, customers can rest assured that they will receive an accurate, on-time product every time.  Controlled temperature and humidity levels allow for the machining of extremely tight tolerances (i.e. <.0002".)


  • Swiss Style CNC Lathes
    • Star ECAS-20 Swiss Lathe
    • Star SB-20 Type E Swiss Lathe
    • Star SR-20R Swiss Lathe
    • Star SR-20RII Swiss Lathe (4)
    • Star SR-20 RIII Swiss Lathe
    • Star SR-32J Swiss Lathe (2)
    • Star SW-20 Swiss Lathe


  • Finishing
    • Graymills Aquatic Parts Cleaner
    • Nova Vibratory Tumblers
    • OTEC Disk Finishing Machine
    • Crest F100-1812C Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser
    • Crest 500HT Ultrasonic Cleaner


  • Inspection
    • Jenoptik Opticline Contour 203 Non-Contact Measuring System
    • Starrett HB400 Comparator
    • Starrett HDV400 Comparator
    • Variable Power Binocular Microscopes


  • Other Machinery
    • Mitsubishi Med Pro II (BA-8) Wire EDM
    • Bridgeport Knee Mill
    • Epilog Fusion32, 50W Fiber Laser
    • Barrett Oil Extractor

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