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Cutting Edge Machining Solutions, Inc. specializes in precision CNC Swiss style production machining. Swiss style machining makes the manufacturing of simple and very complex parts an easy task by utilizing multi-axis and live tooling capabilities. With its pick-off spindles and back working abilities, parts that require multiple operations using conventional CNC methods can be performed in a single operation affording customers a substantial cost savings. Also, long, thin parts that would be extremely difficult, or even impossible to machine on standard CNC turning centers can be easily machined utilizing Swiss-style machining technology.

If you are not getting your products manufactured by someone utilizing Swiss machining technology, you are probably paying more than necessary for your products. If you do get your products machined by someone using Swiss technology, Cutting Edge Machining Solutions, Inc. may not always be less expensive but value is soon realized by doing business with a company that strives for perfection, and supplies customer service that is second to none.

With a philosophy of staying on the cutting edge of technology, by utilizing the most modern machinery, machining techniques, and tooling, Cutting Edge Machining Solutions, Inc.'s price and quality will continue to lead the way in small part production for many years to come.

In the Spring of 2009, Cutting Edge Machining Solutions, Inc. began developing its' own product line, a premium, solid copper bullet designed for competition shooters, military personnel, and game hunters who demand superior performance and reliability from the products they use. To learn more about one of the most technologically advanced projectiles on the market, please visit www.cuttingedgebullets.com.

Cutting Edge Machining Solutions, Inc. is one of Central Pennsylvania’s few machine shops that specializes in precision Swiss-style machining. The company's many years of machining and management experience will provide you with the solution you deserve for all of your small part production needs.

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