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Swiss Style
CNC Machining

Cutting Edge Machining Solutions, Inc. is one of Central Pennsylvania’s few machine shops that specializes in precision Swiss-style machining.
Our many years of machining and management experience will provide you with the solution you deserve for all of your small part production needs at a price you can afford.

Our Quality Assurance Program is fully integrated into our manufacturing process

Do you think you have to sacrifice quality over price when selecting a machining shop?
At Cutting Edge Machining Solutions we don't think of quality control as an add on.
Our Quality Assurance program along with in-process and final inspection procedures ensure that only quality products ever reach our customers.

We can machine products of virtually any type of material

The state of the art Swiss Style technology of our work centers can manufacture tiny parts with very complex and intricate profiles in a fraction of the time taken by conventional machining.
This means a faster service for you with more high quality pieces produced at competitive prices.

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